Anti Hair loss Bundle

850,00 EGP

Intensive Anti-Hair Loss Lotion: A multi-targeted anti-hair loss treatment that visibly reduces hair loss, promotes new hair growth, and restores the hair fiber & body, and density. Reduces micro-irritation.
Enriched with Aminexil, Rosemary, Saw Palmetto, Caffeine, Keratin, and Biotin.

Energizing & Hydrating Shampoo: A sulfate-free shampoo that leaves the hair visibly thicker & softer. A complement to anti-hair loss treatments. Enriched with Saw Palmetto, Caffeine & Keratin.

Energizing Hair Cream: Rich in Biotin, Hydrolysed Keratin, Coconut and Argan oil to reduce hair loss and leave the hair looking smooth, soft, and shiny. Enriched with a sun protection veil to avoid hair keratin destruction and discoloration.


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